Thursday, July 9, 2009

Is Michael Jacksons Body Missing?

Is the body of Michael Jackson missing? There are several reports regarding the mystery of Michael Jackson’s body missing. Some reports looks like rumors, while on the other hand there are claiming reports as well. People are more than willing to know the facts, and a big query of searches is hitting the Internet to find the answers whether the body of Michael Jackson is missing or not?

Regarding the rumors, it is said to be that the brain of Michael Jackson was removed by LA Coroner’s office to investigate the exact cause of Michael Jackson’s death. And that the brain would not be buried with Michael Jackson’s body. Then, the reports that the body of Michael Jackson was missing from the casket at the Staples Center memorial service.

Now, the people are anxious to know where exactly is the body of Michael Jackson? Some people are declaring that his body is missing entirely. The rumors were also that his body had actually been cremated. Commonly, it was known that the body of Michael Jackson would be buried at Neverland Ranch, but it didn’t happened so.

Some people think that his body was already buried, and the casket was brought empty into the Staples. The question arises regarding the casket said to be brought into the Staples empty that if the casket was empty, then why it was brought into the Staples under extreme security measures?

Regarding claiming reports, ABC News is confirming that the body of Michael Jackson is not missing. The body is in fact being held at the Forest Lawn Cemetery. The next step is to finalize the final resting place for Michael Jackson’s body that whether it will be buried at the Neverland Ranch or it will stay at the Forest Lawn.

Here is a photo of Michael Jackson, and the pictures showing the transporting of Michael Jackson’s body.

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